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About Past and Future TED Activities

Background: TED, TEDx, and TEDxNorrkoping.
The talks TED, Technology-Entertainment-Design, has gained an enormous prestige, just growing from when the annual conferences started in its current form about twelve years ago with video recoded talks freely available on the Internet. One of the most popular speakers was Hans Rosling, who passed away recently. Since 2009 TED, has offered the opportunity to apply for licenses for "independently organized local events" in the same spirit as the TED events. TEDxNorrköping has emerged from a group of people involved in the organization of The 13th International Conference on Thinking, ICOT-13, in Norrköping 2007. A conference with about 1300 participants from more than 30 countries. The aims now are very similar: To offer an arena where people across different sectors, disciplines, cultures, religions, ages, etc., can meet and share experience, views and ideas. To create a meeting-place for people who don't normally meet. The substantial footprints from the conference 2007 have encouraged us to initiate the TEDxNorrköping effort. TED and TEDx talks are recorded and uploaded to TED's own YouTube channel. The recording of the Stanford professor Carol Dweck's TEDxNorrköping Talk, The Power of Yet, has now gained over 6.7 million visits on the Internet. Neither speakers nor organizers get any fee at all for their contributions and efforts. However, many of the most coveted speakers are highly interested in being given the opportunity to present their ideas and have their talks distributed for free via TED and Youtube. Since 2011, there have now been about 20 TEDxNorrköping events of different types, see Events at: http://TEDxNorrkoping.com.

Other TED activities in Norrköping Fall 2017 and beyond.
On Thursday October 19th, there will be a TEDxNorrköpingSalon event, organised by Aline Groh: Inclusive sexual education - Why it is beneficial for everybody, and on Thursday, November 2nd, there will be another Salon, organised by Yelyzaveta "Lisa" Hrechaniuk: Who's Afraid of the Uncreative Child? - Exploring Ideas around Children's Creativity. A Salon event is a rather informal Drop-In After-Work activity for presentation and discussions about a specific topic. You can come to just listen to presentation and discussions while having something to eat and drink, and you can also contribute with your own questions and ideas. There is no entry fee and no registration is required. Please contact persons in our team in case you would like to organise a Salon event yourself!
In the evening Thursday November 23rd, there will be a TEDxNorrköping "standard" event Acting to Empower, with four carefully selected live talks and two replayed from the TED.com library. Pre-registration will be required, and there will be a break for discussions and somethink to eat and drink. Information will come under Events here at at our web site and also advertised viw e-mail and facebook.
Our ambition is to organise 2-3 ordinary TEDxNorrköping "standard" events per year and 3-4 TEDxNorrköpingSalon events. You are most welome to suggest themes and speakers/actors you would prefer!
Join the Team! If you would like to be involved in the organization of future TEDxNorrköping events, you are most welcome to contact team members: http://Team.TEDxNorrkoping.com!