Why TEDxNorrköping?
with Evenings for Curious Minds?

Meeting others across all boundaries An arena where people across different sectors, disciplines, cultures, religions, ages, etc., can meet and share experience, views and ideas worth spreading. A meeting-place for people who don't normally meet.

TEDxNorrköping has emerged from a group of people involved in the organization of The 13th International Conference on Thinking in Norrköping 2007. A conference with about 1300 participants from more than 30 countries. The aims now are very similar: The substantial footprints of the conference 2007 have encouraged us initiate the TEDxNorrköping effort.

New challenging ideas and views: This is very much in line with the TED mission devoted to ideas worth spreading. Our aim is to organize two or more events annually with carefully selected invited guests as well as speakers. At such an event there will be playback of a couple of selected recordings from TED conferences, together with a few live presentations. A TED talk is at most 18 minutes, and between the talks there are ample breaks with opportunity for discussions among the guests.

Double outcome: One outcome of the event is the mingle and the discussions during the breaks. Discussions inspired by the "ideas worth spreading" from the recorded and live speakers. Another one is the recordings from the live speakers at the TEDxNorrköping event, recordings made freely available jointly by TED and YouTube to other TEDx events and to anyone interested.

Curiosity rather than profit: The whole TEDxNorrköping effort is non-profit and based on voluntary work by the organizing group. No fee to speakers, and at most a prime cost fee for food and drinks to pay for the invited guests.

In order to promote ideas worth spreading with a focus on the school sector, we will organize specific TEDxNorrköpingED events, the first one October 16th, 2012. The idea is to attract the most interesting speakers from the global arena, to make them available for discussions with superintendents, principals, teachers etc. during our ED-events, and to encourage schools to later use the recorded TEDxNorrköpingED and TED Talks in general for meetings with their teachers, staff, parents and students.A TEDxNorrköping event November 16th, 2013, will combine an important school message, John Hattie on Why are so Many of our Teachers and Schools so Successful? and other highly interesting and relevant issues, Žiga Turk on How Communication Revolutions Have Been Changing Civilizations and Staffan Truvé on Visualizing the Future.
In February 2013 we organized our first TEDxNorrkopingLive event, simulcasting sessions from TED 2013, Long Beach, CA, with opportunity for the guests in Norrköping to eat, drink, and discuss the TED Talks shown. We organized a TEDxNorrkopingWomen event December 5th 2013, simulcasting sessions from TEDxWomen 2013 in San Francisco, and we had also a very interesting local live speaker.
September 1st 2014 we had two highly qualified speakers both touching the "plasticity" of brain and personality, i.e. that also basic mental capacities, "intelligences", can be improved by appropriate training and support. Professor Carol Dweck's talk on The Power of Yet was selected as a featured TED Talk, and gained in a short time over three million visits on the Internet..
During 2015 there were two standard TEDxNorrköping events, the last one, Octiober 6/th co-ordinated with The 17th Norrköping Filmfestival, was a noon/afternooin event.

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Photo: Göran Hedlund, Bitte Sundin.

For 2016 we have preliminary plans for a noon event, theme Just the Mind (?) Saturday March 12th and we are also discussing an event connected to a "Hjärnans Dag" at Norrköpings Visualiserigscenter.


Clips from the first TEDxNorrköping Event September 2011

Sponsoring welcome: There is room for sponsors to cover cost for venue, refreshments, snacks, video recording and editing, etc. There are well defined TED rules about exposing sponsor logos in video recordings and official TEDx web pages. There are good opportunities to display sponsor material in refreshment area and on local web pages. TEDxNorrköping welcomes sponsors, normally one per event, and we would be happy to supply the TED rules to interested partners. Check Sponsors & Partners.
Start September 22, 2011. Theme: Motivation and Creativity. Visit Our 1st Event!. View all the talks, guest interviews, and hundreds of photos.
Our 2nd Event!, June 13, 2012, had the interesting theme: Sense and Sensibility. Why are, in some situations, actions and decisions based upon intuition and gut feeling "wiser" than those based on evidence and logical reasoning?