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Our ambition for the future is to organize 3-4 standard events and 6-8 Salon events annually.
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About TED, TEDx, and TEDxNorrköping
in the past and for the future

Background, (Wikipedia etc):
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a media organization which posts talks online for free distribution, under the slogan ideas worth spreading. TED was founded in February 1984 as a conference, which has been held annually since 1990. TED's early emphasis was technology and design, consistent with its Silicon Valley origins, but it has since broadened its focus to include talks on many scientific, cultural, and academic topics. Since June 2006, TED Talks have been offered for free viewing online, under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives Creative Commons license, through The first Swedish speaker on TED was the world champion on card magic, the “mis-director” Lennart Green. He was also an honorary guest at our very first TEDxNorrköping event, September 2011. The TEDx concept, Independently Organized TED Events, was introduced 2009. The talks from TED and TEDx events are highly appreciated and our most popular TEDxNorrköping talk, Carol Dweck: The Power of Yet, has gained over 6 million visits. Our recent event, Acting to Empower, was our 21st TEDxNorrköping event.

Origin of TEDxNorrköping and its Evenings for Curious Minds
TEDxNorrköping has emerged from a group of people involved in the organization of The 13th International Conference on Thinking, ICOT-13, in Norrköping 2007. A conference with about 1300 participants from more than 30 countries. The aims now are very similar: To offer an arena where people across different sectors, disciplines, cultures, religions, ages, etc., can meet and share experience, views and ideas. To create a meeting-place for people who don't normally meet. Our closing keynote speaker 2007 was the incredible Hans Rosling. He was one of the very most popular speakers on TED.
The substantial footprints from the conference 2007 have encouraged us to initiate the TEDxNorrköping effort. You are very welcome to suggest speakers and themes for future events, both “standard events” and the more informal Salon events, PUB-like after-work/study activities.