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Photos from the event via flickr (Photo: Göran Hedlund)
Patricia Churchland: The Brains Behind Morality.
"What happens when we accept that everything we feel and think stems not from an immaterial spirit but from electrical and chemical activity in our brains? In this thought-provoking narrative - drawn from professional expertise as well as personal life experiences - trailblazing neurophilosopher Patricia S. Churchland grounds the philosophy of mind in the essential ingredients of biology." Read much more about "the Churchlands".
Recent bestseller: Touching a Nerve - Our brains. Our Selves in Swedish: Min hjärna och jag.

Markus Heilig: Addiction in the Age of Brain Science.
"He is an outstanding clinician and a highly respected neuroscientist who has demonstrated a unique ability to translate preclinical basic neuroscience research into possible new treatments." Recent book: The Thirteenth Step Addiction in the Age of Brain Science.

Per Jensen: The Dog, the Scientist's best friend.
"He was the editor of The Behavioural Biology of Dogs, a book that climbed quickly up the non-fiction best-seller list. And now the next one is in progress: Dogs that Feel Shame – Myth or Reality?, in Swedish Hunden som skäms, where Professor Jensen once again puts the results of hundreds of scientific articles into a dog’s daily life."

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