Hotel Simulation - a 2nd year student project

Bengt Lennartsson
Linköpings universitet, Sweden

The material presented during the poster session will be based on the interaction with the implemented system.

Tutorial Description: In this poster presentation we would like to share with you the experience from a 2nd year university programming project course for 60-70 electronic design students. Our from a number of industrial case studies in software industry, can be summarized as follows. What is required from the development engineer is:

In the programming project course we have tried to introduce components designed to train the new capabilities. The general technical content of the course is computer networking and object oriented architectures, and there is also a requirement on graphical user interface with some animation and some sound involved. During the year 2001 the specific task given was to implement a client-server based game-like hotel simulation system. The system implemented during the project will be presented and we are also happy to discuss the course layout and the general experience from it.